ArtPrize 2014: What’s Going On October 10
Rick DeVos' brainchild is six years old this fall.
And for something originally imagined as a possible film festival, its 32-year-old founder admits ArtPrize has grown enough he's now able to take it in and enjoy it.
"In the earliest days, it was to do something that people would have to talk abo…
The Hustle Daily Meme
They would like me to write about 75 words are so in this little messages. It's called a "blog" I'm not exactly sure what a "Blog" is. I know what a "vlog"'s a "video Blog". Well, that sorta helps. I think…
The Hustle Daily Meme.
Sometimes with these memes I have a lengthy buildup. Explaining some big back story to make you understand whats going on. Or giving you some insight into what is going on in my mind.
Top 10 Black Friday Mishaps
Ugh - well Black Friday has come and gone, and all that's left are a few bumps and bruises, and for those, look no further than Walmart! Walmart opened early with huge deals, and people were ready to pounce -- maybe a little too much. At least two dozen shoppers were injured and several were ar…
Has Black Friday Gotten Out of Control? [POLL]
Has Black Friday gotten out of control? I'm thinking so.
I just heard that some malls will be opening up at Midnight on Black Friday. I'm all about supporting the local economy and all of that good stuff, but this has really gotten out of hand...