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America on Tap Beers Listed by Type
We're not going to let this morning's weather keep us from having a great time at America on Tap at John Ball Park this afternoon!
We're gearing up for a great time with awesome beers, delicious food, thoroughly entertaining live music, and more! With over 120 beers from over 60 breweries, the beer l…
Craig’s Pic Of The Day No. 49
It might be 40 by next week. That's halfway to 80, right? So another throwback to last summer is in order. From the Summer Craft Beer Fest, and piece of advice for the weekend!
Craig’s Picture of the Day No. 39
The high yesterday was 8 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind chill when I went to the radio station was minus 16 degrees.
I really haven't minded winter in the past, but this is kinda getting old.
The 2013 Summer Craft Beer Fest In Pictures!
It was a perfect day for the 2013 Summer Craft Beer Fest at John Ball Park! Over 30 brewers and food outlets and over 1500 people enjoyed great live music, sunshine and beer! Plus a special appearance by the Classic Hits Convertible!
Hot 80’s Hits All Weekend! An I Love The 80’s Weekend!
Where has the summer gone? Next thing you know school will be starting! Hold on to summer a little bit longer with the Summer Craft Beer Fest at John Ball Park this weekend, along with the Mega 80's afterwards at the Intersection! And don't forget it's an “I Love the 80′s …
The 2012 WFGR Summer Craft Beer Fest! [PHOTOS]
The WFGR Summer Craft Beer Fest was a blast! Almost 2500 of our closest, dearest friends came to John Ball Park to eat, drink, drink and drink some more! A fine time was had by all, the weather was fantastic, we helped out some good causes, and again, everyone drank! Here's some proof of the fu…

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