Flooding Causes Bridge Collapse Upends Car [VIDEO]
From our partners over at WZZM comes this story of a scary drive over a bridge. It happened on Lincoln Ave in Ionia. One minute the driver is crossing over what appears to be a normal bridge, the next minute the bridge is collapsing and nearly sends his vehicle plunging over the side...
New Art Prize Exhibit At The GRAM Opens!
ArtPrize 2012 might be in the rear view mirror, but the memories still last! And a new exhibit called "ArtPrize 2012: Encore!" is now open at the Grand Rapids Art Museum until the start of ArtPrize 2013!
Grand Rapids April Weather Review-Wacky!
Our broadcast partner WZZM TV 13 celebrates 50 years of news and information this month. One of the nice things about having a local weather staff that has been in the area so long is they have the resources and time to recap our ever changing West Michigan Weather. Chief Meteorologist George Lessen…
West Michigan Election Results
Here are the latest results from Tuesday's election in West Michigan.  Grand Rapids Mayor George Hartwell easily won re-election on Tuesday.Kentwood voters have approved new restrictions for elected city leaders.
Tuesday night, 68 percent of voters approved an amendment to the ci…
The Dirty Hippie!
The new coffee shop downtown is a reality show, concert venue and sustainable lifebreath all in one. Numerous media outlets (this one included) are now jumping on the DH bandwagon! But don't take my word for it...go down Division and check it out for yourself!

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