Remember Ted Williams? The homeless guy with the golden tones? He still has some of those voice over jobs he got last year when he was discovered on the side of the road in Columbus, Ohio (Kraft Macaroni and Cheese...You Know you Love It) But now he's an author, too!

"A Golden Voice: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me From the Streets to Salvation" is a 256-page memoir that "delves deeply into an addiction that tarnished the shiny pipes of a promising radio star," according to THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH, which describes one story in the book in which WILLIAMS says "he once received a cash gift from his mother to cover the airfare to his father's funeral, only to skip the service and spend the money on crack cocaine. He got high in front of his young daughter after his estranged wife had finally consented to an unsupervised playground visit. Later, broke and starving, he gobbled a son's meager supply of baby food."