Today is July 11th. Other than it means July is almost half over and Summer is almost half over, It also means it's 7/11 day! The international chain of convenience stores, which turns 86 years old this year, celebrates 7/11 day every year with free Slurpies!

There IS something free! The story from Grub Grade "News: 7-Eleven - Free Small Slurpees on 7/11" explains the difference between this years' Free Slurpie Day and days of past.

"7-Eleven is once again celebrating 7-Eleven Day this year by offering free small 12-ounce Slurpee drinks on this Thursday, July 11 between 11am and 7pm (i.e. on 7-11 from 11 to 7) at participating 7-Eleven stores, while supplies last. The Slurpee is 7-Eleven's trademark flavored carbonated ice slush drink (licensed from Icee)."

12 ounces! I'll see you at the Fulton Street 7-11 sometime around noon!  Check out a map of the local 7-11's below.