You have less than a month left to win the Classic Hits Corvette presented by Berger Chevy. It's a Classic 1980 Vette and it could be yours! Of course the Corvette is an American Classic, but did you know these 10 Corvette facts?

  • 10

    1968 Corvette

    1968 was the first year an AM/FM stereo radio was offered as an option – Crank up that AM radio! ZZZZZZZINGGGG!

  • 9

    1981 Corvette

    Since 1981, all Corvettes have been computer equipped – but not our 1980!

  • 8

    1980 Corvette

    The 1980 Corvette was the first Corvette to have a speedometer with an upper limit of only 85 MPH – like that will stop us!

  • 7

    1979 Corvette

    Crossed flag emblems returned to the nose and sides of the Corvette in 1979 after many years of being abscent!

  • 6

    1974 Corvette

    1974 was the last year the Corvette would be produced to run on “leaded” gasoline – fill er up with “Regular” please

  • 5

    Flint, Michigan

    Corvettes have been assembled in three different cities. Flint, Michigan, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bowling Green, Kentucky. That’s right, the first vettes were built in Michigan!

  • 4

    William Durant

    William Durant, the founder of GM, said a wallpaper pattern he saw in a Paris hotel in 1908 inspired the bow tie logo he ripped off a small piece of it and brought it back to Detroit!

  • 3

    Jaguar XK120

    The Jaguar XK120 is believed to have been the inspiration for the first Corvette. Those Darn Brits!

  • 2

    1953 Corvette

    1953 Corvettes were offered in any color you wanted… as long as it was White with Red interior – choices, choices!

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    1983 Corvette

    43 – 1983 model Corvettes were built. There were so many quality problems with them it was decided to halt production until they could be corrected. By the time the problems were corrected, it was too late and 1984! The only 1983 Corvette still known to exist is on display in the National Corvette Museum!

    National Corvette Museum