Earlier this week the producers of American Idol said that Steven Tyler would perform live with his band Aerosmith later this season on American Idol. But now Steven Tyler is admitting that he never asked his band mates to perform.

BostonHerald.com reports that when asked about the rumored TV appearance, Tyler said, quote, "I want to be honest about this and I don't want to get myself in trouble because I haven't asked the guys yet. I'm sure they will."   "Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe had stated that Aerosmith was a go, adding that he expected the rockers to be on before the season ten finale airs.

I would love to see Aerosmith on American Idol.
We'll keep you posted.

By the way do you think like me , that Steven Tyler is kinda lame this year as a judge on "Idol"?