Make it to number 1! This is from List of the Day, a Yahoo feature by a guy named Rob O'Connor. I never heard of him or the feature before but this is a pretty interesting read. Back in the day, lots of songs went up and down the charts. And when I say "charts" I really only mean ONE chart. The Billboard Hot 100.

And back then, for various reasons, songs went up and down the charts much quicker than they do these days. Songs now days can stay at number one for 10, 11. or 12 weeks or more. Back then, songs went to number 1 for a couple of weeks and then another song would replace it, and so on.

This story "1978 — Missed It By That Much! Top Ten Hits That Never Made It To #1!"
highlights 25 songs in 1978 ALONE that never made it to number 1. All these songs are super recognizable and most of these artists are played on WFGR.

Some of the highlights

"25) We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions -- Queen (#4): You wouldn't know it from all the footstompin' at sports stadiums throughout the land that have 'Rocked' us over the years. If you don't sing "We Are The Champions" after winning a card game with your neighbors, you're letting them off too easy."

20) Lay Down Sally -- Eric Clapton (#3): Here's an artist who's done far better than he should thanks to gerrymandering. Pop people know he's kinda dull, but FM AOR DJs call him "Mr. Eric Clapton" and automatically bump him up a few rungs for being in the Yardbirds (who they never play) and Cream (who they do)

13) Baker Street -- Gerry Rafferty (#2): Just goes to show how much people love the horn!

1) Hold the Line -- Toto (#5): That the most professional band in all of professional music couldn't land a #1 hit was a sign of the times. Had Ma Bell not held a virtual monopoly on the phone industry, the competition would've been fierce to land this song for a commercial endorsement.


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