Why Yahoo Is Like Saturday Night TV.
I like to write and comment on things I find funny or interesting or what piques my interest. Or topics I might not be able to comment on on the radio, I get a chance to talk about here.
Now it's Friday night, and admittedly, there's not a ton of things going on in the world...
Funny Misquoted Movie Lines
I love hearing when people mess up movie lines and song lyrics. My favorite is the misquote of Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" 'Excuse me while I kiss this guy'! Classic!
Happy Birthday America In the Movies
One thing that is truly American is film and movies.
The movie business started in the late 1910s in Los Angeles, in the Hollywood section of town; and not in England or France or China. Nope, it began right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.
Lowest Grossing Movie of 2013 … Is Made in Britain
"Storage 24."
The British-made movie grossed $72 in U.S. box office receipts last year.
You read that right: 72 bucks; less than a C-Note.
Now to be fair, it was a terrible movie. And had no budget. And it only played on one screen for a week.
But for a week, wouldn't you think …
WFGR Retrovision–Malls Of The 80’s
This is how time has flied! Remember The mall back in the 80's? I vaguely do. All I remember is the small mall in Kalamazoo called Southland. Had the best big soft pretzels there and a S.S. Kresge (The forerunner to KMart) That was the local mall. Until.

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