The 20 finalists for the public vote of ArtPrize 2014 were announced this afternoon in ceremonies at Rosa Park Circle in Grand Rapids.

Round 2 voting of ArtPrize began at 3 p.m. today and ends at 11:59 p.m. Thursday (Oct. 9).

Registered voters may vote for as many Round 2 entries as they wish.

Winners will be announced in the categories of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, time-based, and installation.

Category winners will receive $20,000 each. The entry with the most overall votes will win $200,000.

ArtPrize founder Rick DeVos introduced the finalists, explained the changes made in the voting process, and gave credit to the artists and venues that participate in ArtPrize:

While ArtPrize is proud to be agile, to consider and adapt changes every year. We are driven and inspired by the thousands of artists and hundreds of venues who change, adapt, take risks, and ultimately practice the relentless curiosity at the core of this incredible event."

ArtPrize Public Vote Category Finalists

Two-Dimensional (2-D)

  • Frits Hoendervanger's "Autumn’s Passage"  at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel from Detroit, MI
  • Armin Mersmann's "Gabriella" at Amway Grand Plaza hotel. Mersmann is from Midland.
  • Sandra Bryant's "Into the Autumn Woods" at DeVos Place convention center. Bryant is from Lynden, Wash.
  • Gretchyn Lauer's "Outcry" at DeVos Place convention center. Lauer is from Grand Rapids.
  • Mark Middleton's "Perspective" at The B.O.B.. Middleton is from Petoskey.

Three-Dimensional (3-D)

  • Marc Sijan's "Reciprocity" at Grand Rapids Art Museum. Sijan is from Milwaukee.
  • Dan Heffron's "Poseidon’s Paradise" at The B.O.B. Heffron is from Manton.
  • Dominic Pangborn's "Michigan in Motion" at DeVos Place convention center. Pangborn is from Detroit.
  • Jilly Barnes' "Engulfed in Glass" at Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. Barnes is from Pentwater.
  • Kroeze Krew's "The Pond" at Amway Grand Plaza hotel. Krew is from Grand Rapids.


  • Nathan Lareau's "Urban Tumbleweed" at Cathedral Square from Grand Rapids, MI
  • Liz Roberts' "Always Nowhere" at Grand Rapids Art Museum. Roberts is from Delaware, Ohio.
  • Robert Shangle's "Your Move?" at Harris Building. Shangle is from Sparta.
  • NewD Media's "Peralux" at Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA). New Media is from Farmington.
  • Carol Roeda's "Color Out the Darkness" at Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. Roeda from Ada.



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