I understand that the people of Boston have gone through a rough year, with the Boston Marathon bombings and all.

But it doesn't give them the right to be the worst people in the country.

The Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings played Game Two of their NHL playoff series in Boston at TD Garden on Easter Sunday.

Then as the picture of Jesus is put up on the Jumbotron, he's warmly welcomed. But as he's being escorted out of the Gah-den, he's being booed. This girl Nikkigar6 on Instagram narrates the video as people boo Fake Jesus as he's being kicked out.

Wow. The hashtags say it all. #becauseitsthecup #hehasrisen #happyeaster

By the way, the Bruins won 4-1, tying the series 1-1 with the Red Wings. East Grand Rapids High School and University of Michigan grad Luke Glendening had a goal for the Red Wings.

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