Dick Enberg grew up in Armada, Michigan, went to Central Michigan University and always spoke highly of his home state. He passed away due to a heart attack Thursday after a wonderful life full of being one of the best sports announcers of all time.

Here's some wonderful moments from Dick's life, including a chat with fellow legend Vin Scully and a Tiger tale from his many appearances with David Letterman.

I once had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Enberg back in 1981 when he was speaking to the graduates at his alma mater, CMU. I was broadcasting the CMU baseball game the afternoon before he was to speak, when Dick climbed up the awkward ladder to the rickety broadcast booth and shared a few stories with me and my broadcast partner, Bob McCann.

He was as affable in real life as he was on the TV screen. A legendary sports broadcaster, he's won all the awards you can in that field, and here are some moments from his career.

Last year when Dick was the play by play man for the San Diego Padres, both he and Vin Scully of the Dodgers had announced their plans to retire, so Dick had Vin on to swap stories of his career.

Rest in peace, Dick, and thanks for all the great sports memories!

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