If you’re from Michigan and see an empty Coke bottle, you see 10 cents.

Others however, may just see a piece of trash.

Now Coca-Cola is trying to eliminate the amount of Coke bottles that go to waste.

Coke recently introduced their “2nd Lives” Campaign, which is actually really cool!

Thanks to this “2nd Lives” kit that Coke has created you can now transform your empty Coke bottle into something useful like a pencil sharpener, soap dispenser or spray bottle.


Check out the video below:

The “2nd Lives” campaign is all part of a clever marketing scheme to encourage consumers in Vietnam to recycle.

To kick off the campaign Coke will give away 40,000 of these modified caps, which come in 16 different varieties.

I sure hope they bring this campaign to the US because some of those new bottle caps are pretty cool!