On Tuesday evening, officers responded to a Dairy Queen in Port Huron, where an unknown man stole cash from the register. Most robberies are committed with guns, but this man used, of all things, a sword.

According to reports, the man ordered a Blizzard, and as the DQ worker opened the cash register, the man pulled out a sword. "He pulled it out, he didn't just show it to me," said Carter Smith, the Dairy Queen worker/victim. "He was right up on me, right up against the register, it wasn't far away."

The man then grabbed cash from the register and ran.

Police described the man as a white male, probably his mid-20's, around 6-feet tall, wearing a black and blue parka, black hoodie, gloves, and a gray scarf of handkerchief with skulls on it. As of last evening, Port Huron Public Safety Director Michael Reaves reported that the assailant had been found and taken into custody.

Although the events of Tuesday evening shocked Smith, he has since returned to his job at DQ. "I love the customers who come in, they make my day better, along with my coworkers and my boss...just a good group."

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