The Twitter feed Celebrity Jets says Magic's private plane landed here Thursday morning. I'm not just not sure why.

The Flight Landed In Grand Rapids From New Orleans Lakefront

The jet landed Thursday morning March 31 at 11:02am from Lakefront Airport in New Orleans. But a quick Google search of Magic Johnson and Grand Rapids did not reveal what reason Magic may be in town.

The information came from the Twitter feed Celebrity Jets, which tracks the private jet flights of well known individuals.

In addition to being a basketball Hall of Famer following his long career with the Los Angeles Lakers, Johnson is a Michigan native, having played his high school ball at Lansing Everett and winning a NCAA title during his two years at Michigan State.

But Magic is also a hugely successful businessman, having started up a chain of movie theaters throughout the Los Angeles area. He is one of the owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club, and was said to be considering purchasing a piece of the Chelsea soccer club in England's premier League when it was up for grabs recently.

He Was In New Orleans To Speak To Popeye's Franchisees

According to his Twitter feed, Magic Johnson was in New Orleans on Wednesday to speak to owners of Popeye's Chicken franchises nationwide at their convention.

If he's in Grand Rapids to speak to a local business group, he hasn't mentioned it.

So welcome to GR, Magic. I'm ready for a rematch from that time you blocked two of my shots in thirty seconds when we played ball against each other 45 years ago. I'll be at the 8th Day Gym at 4:30pm if you want to go one-on-one. I have a hoop ready to go and a ball. See you then.

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