Northern Michigan was wracked by thunderstorms early Father's Day causing flooding as far south as Traverse City.

The city of Houghton was particularly hard hit with over seven inches of rain.

The heavy rains caused rivers to over flow their banks and do extensive damage in Houghton, home of Michigan Tech.

The worst damage was caused on Agate Street, where river runoff tore up most of the street and flooded basements so rapidly, some houses came off their foundations.

This photo, posted SarcasmNWine on Reddit shows the water flowing freely down Agate, ripping through the road bed.

SarcasmNWine via Reddit
SarcasmNWine via Reddit

Video posted just this morning shows how bad it got in downtown Houghton.

In this strip of photos posted to Imgur, you can see the more widespread damage in Houghton, as well as other parts of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Here's a more widespread look, which shows how wide to water flow got during the peak of the storm.

This gallery shows the severity of damage done to downtown Houghton near the campus of Michigan Tech, which shows that it may be quite a while before traffic flow is restored to normal in that UP city.

And here's a shot of Agate Road after the water slowed a bit, showing how much earth was moved during the storm.

Further south in Traverse City the storms caused something weird called a 'meteotsunami', a wave of water that raised the water levels in Grand Traverse Bay by 18 inches in a short amount of time.

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