Without being TOO stereotypical -- who would know more about potatoes than the Irish? So these Irish men and ladies sampled some Michigan chips with mixed results.

Specifically, Uncle Ray's chips out of Detroit.

And while the Irish seem bemused at the continuing saga of Uncle Ray on the back of each bag, they were partial toward the Chipotle and Jack Cheese flavor, and not so much the Sour Cream and Onion and Maple Bacon flavors.

I fell in love with the woman with the red head band and white sweater. I want to go over and eat some more chips with her. Maybe some Better Made barbecue flavor. And I aslo want to hang with they guy in the grey hoodie, he's pretty funny.

Some of the better quips from witty 'crisp' eaters (that's what they call chips over there):

(Reading for the bag): "'Naturally and artificially flavored'. Just say flavored. It incorporates everything."

On the taste of Chipotle Jack Cheese Flavor: "Oh, f**king hell!"

On the back of the bag: "In Ireland, if someone were to say'I'm going to tell you about the life and times of Uncle Ray,' you'd say 'okay, what was the crime?'"

On tasting the simply named 'Hot Flavor': "It's Ireland, we much prefer cold flavor."

"The bag's really threatening to me. The bag is making me scared."

"Ray isn't f**king around."

"If you took a big handful of them and shoved them into your gob, I think you'll be regrettin' it."




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