You might be asking "What's a Firkin?" and "Why do I want to Freezeout?" Let me explain...

What is a "Firkin"?

A firkin is a small cask formerly used for liquids, butter, or fish. They are equal to half a kilderkin (or 1/4 barrel of beer). To break that means it's a very small batch of only about 10.5 gallons of beer.

Coming up on Saturday, February 19th it will be Founders Brewing Company's 8th year for their Firkin Freezeout at their Grand Rapids taproom -- and the first year at their Founders’ Detroit location. There was no Firkin Freezeout in 2021, but is back this year after a brief hiatus.

Founders Firkin Freezeout
Logo courtesy of Founders Brewing Company

What can I expect at the Firkin Freezeout?

Grand Rapids’ Freezeout will take place in the brewery’s Beer Garden. It will feature a variety of 24 firkins. Those attending can sample a wide variety of Founders Brewing creations from 11 am to 6 pm. (The Detroit location will feature eight firkins from 11 am until they sell out). In past years, voting has taken place to determine the best Firkin!

During the events, both taprooms will be offering food specials, including Chef Eddie’s award-winning chili in Grand Rapids and Chef Jason’s recipe in Detroit, Founders’ house bratwurst chili, white chicken chili, and a vegan option.

This event is free to attend and children are welcome. Tasting tickets can be purchased the day of the event.

You can get additional information on their website, Facebook page, or on Instragram.

Here is a video from the 2015 Firkin Freezeout...

I have been to almost all of the Firkin Freezeouts in the past. It is always fun to see just what different tasting varieties of beer the brewers come up with each year. Some have been spectacular -- and then there have have one or two that didn't quite turn out as expected. I'll be back this year for another round of Firkin tasting.

Founders Brewing Company is located at 235 Grandville Avenue, SW in Grand Rapids...

And at 456 Charlotte Street in Detroit.


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