How are you celebrating? Im having a big bowl of Cookies n Cream...and then getting a shake later! I'm so glad it's not so hot...having all that dairy on my stomach when it's 100? Not good! But it's cooled off, and here we are! It's National Ice Cream day! The Third Sunday of every July!

According to "" "In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month. He also declared that the third Sunday in July would be National Ice Cream Day. We’re definitely thankful, because ice cream is a summertime (or anytime!) favorite for people of all ages. With hundreds of flavors and toppings to choose from, you can't go wrong with ice cream!"

Thanks Ronnie! And what does your fav flavor say about you? This story "What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Say About Your Personality?" explains.

"Vanilla – impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist
Chocolate -dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, seductive and gullible
Very Berry Strawberry – tolerant, devoted and an introvert
Mint Chocolate Chip – argumentative, frugal and cautious
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – ambitious, competitive and a visionary"

And Cookies n Cream? Nice and sexy with alot of money and patience...
ok not really. But I had to try!