'Tis the season to be gift giving.


Well, maybe not.

I just read about a survey that found about 75 percent of us get Christmas gifts that seem more like an after-thought.

According to the TravelZoo survey (which questioned 749 U.S. travelers from Nov. 5 to 19 about their Christmas gift-giving experiences):
-- 73 percent admit to being caught off guard by a gift, and then felt obliged to give one back. Of this group, 12 percent admitted to gift shifting, as in re-gifting.
-- 78 percent find gift giving stressful, with secret Santa and white elephant exchanges compounding that.
-- 63 percent take part in secret Santa and white elephant events, with 23 percent admitting they recycle old or unwanted gifts for those.
-- A third keep a secret stash of gifts just in case they forgot someone.

10 Worst Gifts
These are the 10 worst Christmas gifts received, according to a TravelZoo survey last month:

  1. Used stationary (personalized with someone else's name)
  2. Coffee mug in the shape of toilet
  3. Expired or stale food
  4. Car duster
  5. Socks
  6. Shower curtain
  7. Halloween oven mitts
  8. Trash can
  9. Post-It notes
  10. Out-of-date calendar/planner

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