This is the stuff viral stories are made of; a random group gives a very generous tip to a server.

It happened, right here in West Michigan at Amore Trattoria Italiana. They posted on their Facebook page that one of their servers got quite the holiday surprise.

Apparently, a group of 8 ladies came to the restaurant last night and as they were leaving, they hugged their server and thanked them for such great service and then left behind a Christmas card with a $1,000 tip inside.

As the Facebook post reads:

She still can’t believe it. We can’t believe it.

They posted a picture of the card and story of the interaction because the server wanted the ladies to know how grateful she was for this blessing.

This is such an awesome gesture, and a reminder that holidays aren't just about giving family gifts, it's also about spreading love and joy. Sometimes, that's helping someone feel a little more financial peace during the holidays.


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