Or Craigslist. I DO get a royalty everytime someone uses it. Maybe.
Here's another funny Craigslist ad. It's from the Grand Rapids "Jobs" section. Someone needs an old white witch. Of course they do.

The ad reads "Im looking for a white witch, someone who knows their spells..to take a hex or binding spell off of me.
This is not a joke, i have tried myself without avail, and i need an elder. Someone who has long lasted time, and works in the the way of my ancestors. This is a serious spell and i really need help.

I can give you times and dates when i know the spell began
incantations' from my mothers mother, i myself have used, to try to nullify it. Nothing has worked."

I feel bad for the guy, but really? And why does it have to be a WHITE witch? Is it a racist hex?

Here's the link to the ad. Maybe YOU can help the guy. It's been online since last week. So I would assume the guy has had no luck.

"Old ways white witch (GR)"