The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now... Why?
Oh, 'cause she's DEAD.

And as far as Michiganders are concerned, the old Taylor really is dead. A new study from dug into the data to see which Era is the favorite for each state in the United States, in honor of the newest era The Tortured Poets Department they wanted to see which era is overall our favorite and the results may surprise you.

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If you're not a swiftie, you may not be aware that during her last tour cycle the pop superstar announced that each one of her albums is to be referred to as an 'era', in which she encouraged her fans to dress and celebrate their favorite album. Since most of her discography is varied in style, it allows everyone to show which version of the singer is their favorite.

What is Michigan's favorite Era of Taylor Swift?

Michigan is a fan of the new Taylor, because we lean more towards her current albums than her first. According to recent search data, Michigan's favorite Taylor Swift era is her current one, The Tortured Poets Department.

Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group

In fact, we love Taylor as she is so much that we searched for this era 50% more than the one that came in second place, which was her Lover (2019) era. Meanwhile, our least favorite album is her self titled original release, which recieved less than 10% of the traffic that her other albums saw.

So if you're looking to befriend a Michigan Swiftie, you should try to lean for the new Taylor, since the old Taylor is clearly dead here.

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