I think my backyard lawn furniture is in Lowell by now, so in honor of the windpower we experienced overnight, here are my top five songs about the wind.

5. Scorpions -- Wind of Change 1990

This rare ballad by the metal band came after the fall of the Berlin Wall in their home country of Germany and is on the list because I've always had an affinity for songs with whistling.

4. Dust In The Wind -- Kansas 1977

An existential proposal from Kansas which is similar to the Catholic refrain at Lent 'remember man, that you are dust', but I only included it because of the Blue's funeral scene from 'Old School'.

3. Blow Away -- George Harrison 1979

A reminder from the spiritual guru of the Beatles that all we have to do is to 1) love and 2) be happy. It's just that easy.

2. Candle In The Wind -- Elton John 1973

Let's be clear: I'm talking about the original version about Marilyn Monroe from the album 'Yellow Brick Road', not the Princess Di remake (no disrespect).

1. The Wind -- Cat Stevens 1971

This beautifully short and simple song about listening to your inner voice was never a huge hit, but it made an impact on this kid, who felt the whole album, 'Teaser and the Firecat' was the coolest thing in the world when I was 12.

Honorable Mentions:

'Against The Wind' -- Bob Seger. Life's struggles including choosing tracks for an album are difficult.

'Blowing In The Wind' -- Pater, Paul and Mary (their harmonies make it a wee bit better than the Dylan original.

'Catch The Wind' -- Donovan. Love unfulfilled is like trying to catch the wind. What teen boy couldn't relate to that?

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