A blog I read almost every day is by Ken Levine. Ken was a former DJ and TV show writer for shows like "Cheers," "M*A*S*H" and "Frazier."

Now, he's really funny on the ol' Internets.

He wrote a blog entry recently about a TV show phenomenon--mostly TV crime dramas--about technical people asking more technical people to look at videos of crimes, and wanting them "enhanced"

Ken takes offense with the use of "enhancing" those video cuts of crimes.

I have seen what he talked about many times on "Law and Order" and others.

He writes:

The cop/detective/investigator/president/terrorist/curious bystander asks the technician to enhance the screen. Somehow they can zoom in and get crystal clear images. Zowie! They can see mirror reflections, read fortune cookies sticking out of pockets, identify hair follicles. If only this technology actually existed."

Here's a video of the unrealistic TV plot "enhancement." Thanks Ken for this gem!

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