This beautiful act of love was captured by accident in a manner that was as equally as beautiful.

Edit : The newly engaged couple is Alex Saxton and Hannah Van Rees. Alex's sister saw the share off Jen's (Friend from GRCC) wall. :D

A short timelapse of the Blue Footbridge in Downtown Grand Rapids from about 10PM to 10:30PM.

Near the beginning of the timelapse it would appear that I captured a couple getting engaged, so the initial focus is on them, zooming back out to the rest of the bridge as the timelapse continues on.

Karl Blessing via YouTube

How magical. I remember proposing to my wife. It was a scavenger hunt, where I sent her from one part of the house, to another, to the mailbox, then my truck, and finally my bookshelf. Where I took a Harry Potter book and hacked away at probably 500 pages so it read, the unbreakable vow with couple kissing or picture frame or some such and a ring tied to a string in the middle of book.

Something one of her friends saw on Pintress and told me I should do. Anyway, Holly was happy, we got married. Good times.

No pictures of that day though, which is kind of a bummer. Ah well.

It's cool that Alex and Hannah have this video to look back on.

Side note: Next time you're on the Blue Bridge at night, look at all of the spider webs and HUGE spiders. Good Lord.

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