Younger me would invite someone star gazing in the hopes it led to making out. As you get older, you tend to appreciate the night sky even more. It is also really good for clearing the mechanism. You might have heard that the winter sky is the best for gazing upwards at the heavens. You heard right, but what about that Michigan sky?

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Michigan is actually the best place in the Eastern United States to stargaze. People go camping up north for a reason. It is also lighter in population which makes for better views. The Alpena area has a few state-designated Dark Sky Preserves. has all the info you need for a road trip to see the stars. Most people know what the Aurora Borealis is. Michigan is also one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. This year and into next is one of the best times to see those. It has something to do with solar cycles, but I am not scientific enough to explain that.

Some people dread the winter. If you are not an avid snow mobile rider, it is easy to see why. You can find cool stuff to do in the mitten. Especially in the cold gray season. You just need to travel a little bit. This year might be a good year to head up north, do a little skiing, and maybe stare at the stars. You play your cards right and their might even be romance under that night sky.


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