Dearborn woman, Diana Hussein, has given up her Twitter handle for a good cause.

Hussein handed over @DietDrPepper to the company who owns Dr Pepper in exchange for $5,000 in bottled water for Flint, The Detroit Free Press Reports

Hussein says she picked her Twitter handle in the simplest of ways-- by staring at the soda can sitting on her desk. It was back in the early days of Twitter, prior to companies using it as an advertising platform.

A few years back, Hussein thought she might try out a new Twitter name, so contacted Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPSG), the company who owns Dr Pepper. At first, they didn't really seem interested. Recently though, DPSG contacted Hussein about acquiring @DietDrPepper in exchange for "swag" from the company.

Hussein wasn't much interested in that, until she realized DPSG also owns Deja Blue water brand. She agreed to trade them the Twitter handle for $5,000 in water, roughly 41,000 bottles, to aid in the Flint water crisis.

On March 3, DPSG sent a truckload of water to Flint.

Hussein told The Detroit Free Press,

I had been feeling kind of helpless. Still do, really. But I'm glad I had an opportunity like this present itself for me to be able to take advantage. When you hear about what they're having to do right now it doesn't seem like there could be enough water."

Hussein now has a new Twitter handle. You can follow her @HeyaDiana.