We have been in the digital age for quite some time now and we have barely seen any local commercials that have been as good as this video.

The guys from Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning put together this amazing spoof of the Terminator movies for their local business in Austin, Texas and it should be used as a template for businesses all across the country.  If you are going to go with TV advertising (you should seriously consider radio advertising, but I might be a little bias), you need to have something that is going to stand out.

With today's editing software being super cheap and effective and everyone having a near movie quality camera built into their phones, your commercial might as well look like this.

They even went above and beyond for their YouTube page by uploading the "extended cut" of the commercial and including a pretty cool description:

Come with me if you want to FLUSH! A world ravaged by toilet technology needs a hero… introducing The Toiletnator! You are witnessing an exclusive extended cut of our brand new commercial — only available on social media. Keep an eye out for our commercial cut on a TV near you! Hasta la vista, toilet!

So, if you have a local business who has done something like this, we'd love to see it because, frankly, I haven't seen anything this good in the local market.  Definitely correct me if I'm wrong though...

But, I am still going to go ahead and say just do radio advertising because we can do really creative things like this for your business super easily.  I should know, I used to make commercials for a living.

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