As an ice cream lover, especially Hudsonville Ice Cream (I have three different pints in my fridge right now), I can genuinely say I'd be overjoyed if someone gave me ice cream as a "thank you."

As part of their "Random Acts of Ice Cream" campaign, Hudsonville is asking you to nominate a teacher or a school staff member (cafeteria workers, librarian, janitors, bus drivers, counselors, etc) whom you think deserves some sweet appreciation.

School looks a little different this year, and we want to show our gratitude to the teachers and staff who are shaping the next generation and helping them learn and grow.

You can make your nomination here and why this particular person deserves a "random act of ice cream." You will be contacted if your nominee is chosen and they will receive a free shipment of ice cream pints directly to their door.

The company did the same thing a few months ago for health care workers and first responders.

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Ice cream may be known as a summer treat but you can get all the Fall feels with Hudsonville's new limited edition flavor that'll make you say "pumpkin spice who?" Cinnamon Sugar Cookie is brown sugar ice cream with with pieces of cinnamon shortbread cookies and a caramel ribbon.

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