Warning. While hilarious, this clip, featuring 'Neighbors' co-stars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, who have embarked on a bromance promo tour for their film, vying and battling each other for cubicle space and dominance with the guys from 'Workaholics,' is NSFW. At all. Not even a little bit. 

It's all probably not a good idea for anyone under 15 to watch it, either, since there are plenty of jokes about reproductive organs, especially in the final two minutes.

Now that you have been sufficiently briefed about the frat boyish content, we must say that it's hilarious watching Rogen and Efron try to charm their way into becoming the newest cube dweller. It's like an R-rated, extended 'SNL' clip, essentially, where they try and "outcool" the other to their potential officemates. What a tangled web.

At first, they vibe. Then, Efron dances and bumps and grinds up against the 'Workaholics' dudes and pretty much wins them over, outshining Rogen -- who is charming in his own dorky way -- by a mile. The cubicle hierarchy maintains a carefully crafted balance and the 'Workaholics' can't give up real estate to some uncool jerk.

Efron resorts to every tactic there is to impress them, including flashing the family jewels. No, he doesn't show his junk on screen -- sorry, ladies! -- but it's implied and therein lies the biggest laughs. It's what you don't really see that's funny.

The film, which sees Rogen's young, married father clash with Efron and the brothers of his frat house, hits the multiplex on May 9.

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