The summer of 2020 is winding down this weekend, and it will go out with the coldest temperatures since March.

"If there's a chill in the air," Amos Lee once sang. If? It's not if it's when, as the last weekend of summer approaches.

Winds shifted last night form the warm southerly flow to the frigid northeast, and it will bring frost advisories and bone chilling cold to west Michigan.

Frost advisories are already up for counties north of Kent, including Newaygo and Montcalm. Frost warning are in place for most of northern lower Michigan tonight through Sunday.

The irony is a warming trend that will kick in during the first week of autumn, with temps getting up to near 80 by Wednesday. It'll be dry as well, with no rain expected for the next ten days.

And if you're brave enough to hit the beach during this last weekend of summer, the waves will still be an issue, especially on the lower end of Lake Michigan.

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