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NBC Abandons Bill Cosby Sitcom Over Rape Allegations
The ongoing firestorm against Bill Cosby has only swelled in recent weeks, as more and more allegations of rape emerge against the once-revered comedian, so it wasn’t any surprise that Netflix would opt to discard the November 28 release of a new Cosby standup special. Now, NBC has expectedly…
Eddie Money on Fox 17
I was watching TV this morning, and saw Eddie Money on Fox 17.
He's playing at The Intersection tonight in Grand Rapids.
So, when I looked up and saw him on the screen, I thought: "Wow, ... he's lookin OLD."
And THEN I noticed his sweater.
New Cosby Show?
Just when you thought comedy icon Bill Cosby had retired, in spite of his recent "Far from Finished" stand-up (or sit-down) special on Comedy Central, the cultural icon and pudding magnate is at it again. The 76 year-old Cosby will return to NBC decades after 'The Cosby Show&a…