Nothing says Christmas in Michigan like a gift shaped like our iconic state! From mittens to cribbage boards, here's ten Michigan shaped gifts to brighten your Michigan Christmas.

And let's just apologize to the Upper Peninsula right now, because they weren't always included.

10. Lower (and Upper) Peninsula shaped Cutting Boards.

The Lower one shown is available now from, while this Upper Peninsula board from Etsy may speak to Yooper pride, but it is "made by trolls" which diminishes the value.


9. Adirondack Chairs

A chair design from the mountains in upstate New York is a weird cross-regional mix, but these chairs from Naturalcrafting would look good on the deck of your cottage up north, would they not?


8. Michigan Mittens

Our state is shaped like a mitten, so it's only natural to have a bevy of Michigan Mittens to choose from. Luckily Michigan Mittens is a company that offers hundreds of varieties of Michigan mittens to keep your little fingers toasty all winter.

7. Michigan Ice Cube Trays

A shot of Long Road gin always tastes better when cooled off by little ice cubes shaped like the Mitten State floating in your tumbler. And look, they included the UP!!! Available from

6. Fordite Jewelry

Fordite is a man made stone, crafted from layers of auto paint left from paint spray rooms at the old Ford plants in Detroit. These have been made into a nice pendant by the folks at sunbeamsofpromise on Etsy.

sunbeamsofpromise via Etsy

5. Michigan Cribbage Boards

What's that? You don't know how to play cribbage? Well, it's not euchre, but it's still a pretty wild card game, and these cribbage boards will help you keep track of who's winning.
This lower peninsula one is available from Etsy, while the UP version is sold separately.


4. Michigan Beer Cap Boards.

Michigan is the king of craft brewing, so you need a big one of these to keep track of all the Michigan beers you drink. (Upper Peninsula sold separately)


3. Michigan Plates

Look, a Lower Peninsula for your entree and an Upper Peninsula for your side dishes! Now you can go local with this baking plate combo from Corbe!

2. Lower Peninsula Soap

Your hands will be immaculate and smelling great, but it will be sad to see the Lakeshore gradually diminish as you keep yourself sudsy with this great smelling soap from Nature Mama. (It's currently sold out, but she says more should be coming soon.)

Nature Mama

1. Michigan Bottle Openers

What good is having all that quality craft beer if you can't open the bottle? Now these lower and upper styled bottle openers can keep you drinking non-stop, from Drink Up Michigan.

Drink Up Michigan