As Michigan starts to try to re-open, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we may not be ready yet.  The B.O.B. announced on Facebook, Saturday, that they were closing The B.O.B temporarily after an employee had tested positive for COVID-19.


According to the post, the employee may have been exposed and contracted the coronavirus as early as June 11 or 12th in Gilley's Smokehouse or BOB's Beer Garden. All the employees that have worked with said employees are being tested and they’re conducting contact tracing, which means if you get a weird phone number calling you this week you might want to answer if you’ve been to the B.O.B. recently.


Management says The B.O.B. will be going through a deep cleaning of the building while they’re temporarily closed and making sure the rest of their staff is healthy.  They say they’ll open sections of the facility up as they feel safe.

The post also says any weddings planned in July are still scheduled to happen. They’re not canceling them.


There was an important message to everyone who's going out to eat again,  that “it is essential that restaurant-goers everywhere wear a mask and adhere to social distancing guidelines when choosing to dine-out.”


As Donkey - Taqueria said in their Facebook post last week when one of their employees tested positive, "this is our new normal. This is not our first case nor will it be the last case for any operator in our wonderful city."


This is true; we haven't gone to Phase 5 yet because we're seeing more cases happen at bars and restaurants around the state.  Florida recently closed bars down because of the rapid spread of the virus.  This is more proof of why you need to wear a mask.  I even found a mask that has a straw flap so you can drink and mask at the same time.


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