With Record Store Day coming up on Saturday and events happening all over the region to celebrate (see other WFGR posts about RSD for details and information) the WFGR air staff all thought it would be cool to post our personal record buying experiences.

Sure, if I had a cool one it would be. I don't.

Seriously, I wish I could say the first album I ever bought was something like "Van Halen II" or Queen or something like that.

Actually the second album I ever bought wasn't too bad: Men at Work's "Business as Usual." It spent 15 weeks at No. 1 (a record for a debut album at the time) and propelled the Australian band to worldwide fame.

Sony BMG Music Entertainment via Amazon

THAT would be a great first album to have bought.

But that wasn't the first album I ever bought.

No, the first album I ever bought was "Rappin' Rodney." Rodney Dangerfield.

Sorry. I hate this for being the truth, but there it is.

So, that's my story. If you find a copy of "Rappin' Rodney" while out and about this weekend, it was probably mine from back in the day. Again, I'm sorry ...