I'm going to do some Memorial Day grilling this weekend! Why? Well, May is National Hamburger Month, and I'm a guy, and I like meat! Of course, I have to work on Memorial Day, so I will be grilling on the top of the Huntington Bank Building downtown...Yes!

Now I know some grilling basics--clean, hot grill, don't overhandle the meat (good advice in life AND grilling), but I'm far from an expert. So Yahoo picked a guy who is--former Top Chef Masters cheftestant Jonathon Waxman. Here, in pictures, Is HIS top 10 ways to make a perfect burger!

Some Highlights....

--"Make sure that when the butcher grinds the meat that everything is super cold: the grinder, the environment, and the meat, otherwise the fat gets all messed up and you’re left with a lugubrious mass."

--"A perfect burger is between six to seven ounces, if it gets too big, then you’re just being silly.”


--"Make sure the grill is seasoned properly. Waxman recommends grilling up some bacon first so all the delicious flavor gets on the grill, then cooking the burger, and topping it with the cooked bacon."

OK, I don't throw the word "genius" around like a playing cards, but that is the SINGLE GREATEST COOKING TIP I have EVER heard!

As the "Beggin' Strips" dog would say..."It's BACONNNN"


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