So Fat Tuesday came and went. Now it's Ash Wednesday. The first day of Lent. The time of year most people give up something. According to Wikipedia, "During Lent, many of the faithful commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxury as a form of penitence." Now, I'm not a religious person (I believe but don't go to church) but even I could stand to give up some stuff for Lent. So here's my list of things I SHOULD give up for Lent, but probably wont.

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    Video Games

    Yeah, I should give up video games. Except I just got a Playstation 3, and I'm really Diggin' NHL 11. So THAT ain't happenin'!

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    Watchin' Hockey on the flat screen.

    Yeah just not gonna happen AT ALL. It's almost Playoff time.

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    The Internets.

    Well considering my job and livelyhood depend on it, not giving up the internets. Although maybe I could spend a little less time on Facebook. That I will have to work on.

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    SO not happening. Sorry. ;)

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    The Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

    This is the one I probably COULD give up. But I think I will actually give up White Castle for lent. And since there isn't a WC within 2 hours of Grand Rapids, I will be able to do it. Yay me! Hee hee hee...


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