It's that time of year again! Time to get the little bite-sized versions of our favorite candy bars. Do you have a favorite Halloween candy?

On my Facebook page this week I asked everyone what their favorite -- and least favorite -- Halloween candy is. Most of the favorites contain chocolate. The least favorite for a lot of people was candy corn.

About 50 people responded with their "likes" and "dislikes". The most popular candies were Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Butterfingers, Kit Kats and M&Ms (plain and peanut).

My all-time favorites were the little Mallo Cups they used to sell, You put those things in the freezer and eat them frozen and they are the best! They haven't sold those individually wrapped treats in many years unfortunately. My current favorites would probably be 100 Grand or Almond Joy.

The least favorite in my survey -- by far -- was Candy Corn, followed by those orange and black wrapped peanut butter mystery candies, Circus Peanuts, Sweettarts, and Licorice.

So I found it very interesting to see the results of the survey of everyone's favorite Halloween candy, broken down by state.

According to them, Michigan's favorite candy this time of year is Candy Corn! That is completely opposite of my findings! Who did they survey to get these results?

Check out their interactive map below...

Some interesting facts from their website: "According to the National Retail Federation, trick-or-treaters are expected to be down 20% this year. That said, only 11% fewer people plan to hand out candy.  Halloween candy sales are expected to reach $2.4 Billion, only down slightly from $2.6B last year. No matter how you look at it, that’s a lot of candy!"

The next question many bags have you purchased for Halloween this year and how many are still around? If I buy the candy -- I'm going to eat it! I'm on about bag number 3 or 4 now for the season! And none of the bags were candy corn.

The results of the survey below are much more believable...

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