Worst Valentines Gifts EVER!  Well, maybe..

From Yahoo's Shine blog, here's a great list of what you should avoid when huntin' for a V-Day gift this week.  How many of these do you agree with?  I don't actually think some of these are that bad!

1. A coupon for any kind of love

2. Self-help books

3. Anything sharp

4. 'Romantic' Facebook gifts

5. Exercise gifts

6. Office supplies

7. Candy underwear

8. Drugstore chocolates

9. Footed pajamas

10. Pajamagram's Hoodie-Footie Snuggle Suit for her

11. A night tour of Alcatraz Prison

12. Cashmere toilet paper (made with real cashmere!)

13. Gimmicky 'joke' gifts

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