A new survey found the most common reasons why people in every state quit their jobs. 

Are you thinking about quitting your job right now?  Like this very second?  So are TONS of other people.

According to a new survey by the web site Zippia, 13% of people say they think about quitting their job DAILY.  And 15% of people plan to quit by the end of the year.

Only 36% of people say they never really consider leaving their current job.

The survey also found the most common reason why people in every state in the U.S. quit their jobs.  And the top reason in Michigan is because they simply dislike the job. Yup. It sucks is what we're pretty much saying.

In fact, that was one of only six reasons that made the top spot in all 50 states. The other five were:

1.  Money.

2.  An "unpleasant" work environment.

3.  A bad or unsupportive boss.

4.  To improve work-life balance.

5.  No opportunity to advance.


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