Nothing makes work better than getting your friends involved – and that’s what Steven Van Zandt is up to. Van Zandt is bringing some old friends to his Norwegian drama series, "Lilyhammer.” 

Van Zandt's "Boss", Bruce Springsteen, will be making a guest appearance, his first ever TV acting role.

Lilyhammer, which shoots both in the Norgwegian town of Lillehammer as well as in New York, stars Van Zandt as a former mafia higher-up relocated to Lillehammer by the Federal Witness Protection Program after testifying against his boss. The program airs exclusively on Netflix.

According to Deadline, in the show, Van Zandt will be pretending he's a priest, while Springsteen has been tapped to play the owner of a mortuary visiting from New York City. And here’s something interesting, this role actually represents Springsteen’s acting debut. While he once did a cameo in the movie “High Fidelity,” he played himself – in this case, he’s actually acting as a character.

Van Zandt also announced that his long time "Sopranos" co-star, Tony Sirico, who played Paulie on the HBO show, will have a story arc on Lilyhammer as well.

You can get a taste for the show by watching the trailer for last season. Watch out, the language is harsh for those of you who aren't like me and swear like a sailor.