Time for another Classic TV Throwdown! We go back to the 80's to determine which was the better Classic TV Sports show--This Week In Baseball or The NFL Today! Take a look and vote at the end for your favorite!

In the 80's, the strain of "dum dum...dum dum..." the This Week In Baseball theme would come racing out of your mono TV speaker. Then you would hear classic announcer Mel Allen say "I'm Mel Allen...its 'This Week In Baseball'" Before there were 24 hour highlight channels, there was "This Week In Baseball" The week in review of the 22 Major League teams. (there are 30 now) From the Expos to the Brewers TWIB covered it all!

Then there was "The NFL Today". Brent Musberger would "Look live at Busch Stadium in St Louis". Every opening shot of an NFL stadium Brent would "Look Live" at. Throw in former player Irv Cross, the smokin' hot (for 1985) Phyllis George, and the drunk bookie Jimmy "The Greek" and you would be set for the 1 or 2 games you would see on a Sunday. No NFL Sunday Ticket. No 6 hour long pregame show. Just a half hour of classic NFL action!

So what do you think? Vote now!