It's not easy being a "Stay-at-home parent. But it seems these days more and more fathers are giving it a try.  In a recent survey in the Globe and Mail more than half of the 1,000 working dads surveyed said they would stay at home with the kids if their spouse earned enough money to support the family.  In fact, according to the survey 12 percent of  stay at home parents are fathers, compared to only four percent back in 1986.

My son for the last year and half has been a "Mr. Mom", and he says he really enjoys the time he can spend with his young daughter.  He's even learning to cook gourmet meals.

Here's the question of the hour. If you are a dad, would you quit your job to be a 'Mr. Mom"?  I think if more men would try it for a while, they would find out their wives really do have a full time job at home!