Rejoice! Surge is Back! [Video]
Today is a joyous day in soda history!
For years, I have long awaited the return of my favorite citrus soda with carbos, whatever the hell carbos are.
After insane popular demand, the green sugar-filled soda SURGE HAS RETURNED!
West Michigan: Pop Or Soda? [POLL]
So here's a it pop or soda? As a lifelong Michigander, I was brought up calling it pop. We had pop in glass bottles. We drank pop at McDonalds. The place was called "Towne Club Pop Centers". Carbonated beverages are just called pop. Fast forward 30 plus years, when I moved to…
City Looks to Ban Oversized Soda Sizes [POLL]

Yes, it's for real. Say goodbye to your the Big Gulp, Super Big Gulp or anything else over 20 Oz!
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing a ban on large sodas and  in the city's restaurants, d in the hopes of combatting obesity — an expansion of his administration's efforts to encourage healthy…