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‘Apparently’ This Kid Is Awesome! [Video]
Little Noah Ritter is interviewed by WNEP-TV's Sofia Ojeda at the Wayne County Fair in Honesdale, Pa.
"Apparently" is this kid's buzz word as he steals the mic, and the show from Sofia.
BONUS VIDEO: Another kid whose buzz phrase is "I can't live like this!!&am…
What NOT To Do To Firefighters!
Seriously, is there a worse group of people to piss off than firefighters? These are brave souls who could save you from harm, and do it for way less than they should be paid! Yet still, some hooligans find it hard to resist to try and stirr up trouble.
Woman Fails to Solve Ridiculously Easy Math Problem (Video)
I will admit that math is not my suit. Somehow I made it through high school trig, but these days, ask me anything about a "tangent" or a "co-sign" and I will certainly stare blankly back at you. But even I knew the answer to this brainbuster: "How long  does it take to driv…