WFGR Retrovision–The Worst Songs Of The 70’s!
A couple of days ago on Regis and Kelly Lee And Gelman and Michael Strahan, the hosts-all 5 of them--revealed a list of the worst songs of the 80's, written by Robert of the Radish, music critic for Yahoo! The song he deemed the "Worst Song of the 80's"? The Pina Colada S…
Why DO The Lions Always Play On Thanksgiving?
As usual, the Lions are having another stellar season. They will have to win the remaining games to hit the 10 win level that they reached last season. In other words, there's a good chance they won't make the playoffs again. But, regardless of their record, the Lions ALWAYS play one high …
Where Are They Now – “Curly Sue’s” Alisan Porter
Remember that movie Curly Sue? John Hughes knew talent when he saw it! The cute little girl Alisan Porter stole our hearts, little cutie pie. Now, she's all grown up, just got married, and is having a baby! Just remember, the little girl of yesterday becomes the hot mom-to-be of today!
Classic Holiday Toys Then And Now!
It's that time of year...the most wonderful time of the year! Time for the holidays and toys and kids. Of course these days, the toys are different from when WE were kids. All electronic and video and new. When I was a kid, we had toys, not little computers. Here's a look at some classic t…
Harry And Ah-Nold?
Texas is one game away from winning the World Series. Yeah, I know what you are thinking..."Isn't the World Series over yet?" I mean for me, baseball season ended on September 30th....which seems like almost a whole month ago...;) this pitcher for the Rangers, Dere…
How Can Tommy Tutone’s “Jenny” Save You Money?
This is actually kind of cool. If you have been to a Family Fare or D&W recently, you have been asked to sign up for their new "Yes" cards. It's a shopping card that saves you money, and can get you free gas and other nice things. These cards are all over the country, …
Small Towns Like Muskegon Might Lose Air Service
A story on Yahoo from the New York Times talks about smaller cities airports losing money and air service. The story talks about places like Thief River Falls, Minnesota, Pierre, South Dakota...and Muskegon. As in Muskegon, Michigan.
Top 10 Tips For Grilling The Perfect Burger!
I'm going to do some Memorial Day grilling this weekend! Why? Well, May is National Hamburger Month, and I'm a guy, and I like meat! Of course, I have to work on Memorial Day, so I will be grilling on the top of the Huntington Bank Building downtown...Yes!

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