10 Things To Do this Weekend: August 11th-13th
Whether you feel like running a half marathon, cleaning out the hazardous waste from your home, viewing old cars, seeing War Bird airplanes, or enjoying great music -- there is something for everyone on the list this weekend.
There are plenty of activities for all ages.
Grand Rapids YMCA Opens ‘Healthy Living Hubs’
WZZM 13 reports that the Downtown YMCA in Grand Rapids is creating new ways for Grand Rapidians to get, and stay healthy.  And If you walk around downtown Grand Rapids I think you will notice that a lot of us could use some help in losing weight...
New Years “In Shape” Resolutions
Okay, This time of year the YMCA Fills up with people who have made their resolutions to get in shape and all of that good stuff.  We'll The Guardian has layed out some Great Ideas that can help you stay with it... Or Not: