Casey Kasem passed away early Sunday morning.

Classic Hits 98.7 WFGR reported it HERE, and many accolades and tributes to the man who invented the Top 40 countdown show started pouring in.

Of course, there are the classic outtake videos on YouTube that are too soon to enjoy now.

There are also nice reminders, too, like this audio clip of Casey's last "American Top 40" show from 2004.

We here, at WFGR, want to honor the memory of classic top 40's biggest star.

All this week at 6 p.m., WFGR will rerun classic American Top 40 episodes from the '80s.

And Sunday starting at 8 a.m., it's an all-day Casey-thon, where we remember the Detroit native in the best way we know how: On the air at 98.7 FM and online at

Godspeed, Casey! Hope you enjoy the view from those stars.

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