Dinner and a movie is a classic combination for a great date night. Coming soon you'll be able to do both (at the same time) at Celebration Cinema.

Here is the info about how to multitask on your date night


Celebration Cinema North is opening a 50 seat restaurant called Oscar's Bistro and they have a menu that has everything from mini corn dogs to artisan pizzas. To wet your whistle anything from cocktails and wine to soda and Starbucks.

You can of course dine in the 50 seat restaurant area before the movie, carry it to your theater, or if you're running late, have it dropped off in one of the premier seat.

If you're like my wife and myself you're always late to get to the theater, so maybe the premire seats are the way to go.

If I can make a suggestion though. We have attended movie theaters where you can eat a meal and watch the movie at the same time. Do NOT try to eat a meal while watching a 3D movie. The 3D glasses are pretty dark so it makes seeing what you're eating a bit hard.

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I may not be a fitness expert but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to watch what you eat.

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